New: Inventors create sandpaper to nails three in one!

The sandpaper has a different format that fulfills three functions without causing nuisance to the skin around the nails.

Have properly cleaned and sanded nails is a basic care that we need in our day-to-day. However, some sandpaper, being thick and too wide in their extremities, cause nuisance and scrubs the skin around the cuticle. Thinking of promoting greater convenience and comfort when sanding nails, the inventors Paulo Gannam and Fernanda Queiroz Gannam created an innovative sanding format: “Sandpaper for three nails in one.”

It is a unique product on the market, whose end is rounded and thin. Its functions consist of a part shine, another sanding the surface of the nails, and between the tips, on thecable, there is a circular surface to sand the edge of the nail with varying degrees of harshness – thickness on its circumference, as user preference.

untitled.191 untitled.155 Lixa PremiumThis invention brings many benefits, including: no longer need to buy several sandpaper, saving space in the bag, cases, etc., greater efficiency in the act of sanding due to its specific format that will reach well the desired areas without risk of skin scrubs around, all with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Partnership – Paulo and Fernanda are looking for partners for the development of models. The first samples are

ready, the project it is with pAmostras Lixa 1 (3)atent granted and the inventors seek to negotiate it or get partnership with sandpaper manufacturers, or accessories for nails in general, to carry out tests and industrialize the product.

Here is a cool video in which the inventor talks about his product:


Businessmen interested in investing in the product should contact


Phone: 55 (35) 98404 4124.






Skype: paulo.gannam



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