Do you gnaw your nails and that bothers you?

Inventor claims to have developed a solution to make your nails in perfect condition and self-esteem upstairs!

Many people have the bad habit of biting its nails compulsively to injure, and hardly able to inhibit it, except for the use of medications and other therapies. According to scientific estimates, 19% to 45% of the population, ranging according to age, is gnawing its nails.

Currently, that exists in the market is a kind of “enamel” that, having bad taste, reduces the urge to nail biting. Still, there are people who bite their nails anyway. With this in mind, the inventor Paulo Gannam, a nails rodent since childhood, developed a “Nail Protector for Onychophagia Carriers“.

It is a film that coats the user’s nail in an elegant and discreet manner, without causing any discomfort, because it covers only the nails, without bothering the touch, and can be used by men and women. Some designs of the invention are proposed to have a system pressure over the desired area with small holes to allow a greater possibility of perspiration.

Others have a circular base pressure for the remainder of the fabric covers the nails smoothly, avoiding discomfort in a larger region of the fingers. According to the inventor, the nails protector inhibits a self-destructive habit and encourages the person to begin to identify what feelings are involved at the time it’d nail biting automatically. “You can tell me: But the person can take out the guard and make the party with nails, detonate them.

True, but this shield is directed more to the public that is going through a time of grief and strong desire to find a way to stop biting. This is a way to help the user to keep the commitment to change behavior”, he explains. Gannam have already made some samples with rubber latex, but states that the product can be made with other materials: “I made early models with rubber latex, the same used in the manufacture of surgical gloves.

Then I drew artistically with acrylic ink for water-based fabric that best adhered to the material. I believe it’s also possible create some polyurethane samples “.

 The inventor says he is making more samples and is looking for elastomers artifacts manufacturing companies to manufacture and market the product, or to the final consumer, either to companies in the cosmetics, fashion, crafts, and pharmaceutical industries, on B2B model.

Gannam also warns about having care for the material to be used and the age at which children could use. “No one will want to see child risking to swallow a toxic product.”  amostras amostras 10 capa_para_dedoz cópia - Cópia Imagem Ilustrativa 1

Feitas em látex de borracha confeccionadas artisticamente

According to him, or it’s a better choice a product composed of material that can be eaten without any problems for the children, or it must be elected a public aimed at children aged from which there is already realized the danger of ingesting materials.

Partnership – Paulo is looking for partners for the development of models. The project has patent granted, and the inventor search negotiate it or get partnership with healthcare companies, hygiene and personal care, or silicone and rubber parts for testing and industrialize the product. Here you can see one very cool video in which the inventor speaks of his product:

Businessmen interested in investing in the product should contact


Phone: 55 (35) 98404 4124






Skype: paulo.gannam


For Investors

*Exploring this patent (eg a silicone parts manufacturer, adhesive products, elastomers, a manufacturer of small 3D products with pliable resin), the company could manufacture and sales to final consumer or become a supplier of the product to a whole beauty and pharmaceutical industries, craft shops, personal care, fashion, etc.


Challenges to manufacture and sell


1-A simple product like a glass can have many problems in manufacturing, analysis of materials, deformation, thickness, shrinkage and a lot of stuff. In the case of a glass creates a measure for the mouth adapts to the product. In the case of protective nail, you must adapt to many variables fingers, so it would have to be ugly with variations of measures (requiring studies).

2. The product will be in a sensitive, articulate and with length and thickness variations area (made of flexible material apparently solve this, but really solve?)

3- Length: If you make more long will be bad for the little finger. If you make it big can get out of a small toe.

 4- Thickness and sensitivity: The problem is to find the density and where the material that you do not bother, hurt, irritate the skin, or becomes inelastic and be loosening.

5-For all of these studies, it has to have a prototype and only then we can move to the production structure: conventional silicone injection, blow, extrusion and others.

6-People will actually use the product or will have lazy? The same person has phases of wanting to keep the addiction and not want. The change occurs constantly. It can be a consumer today and tomorrow not be, and vice versa. A vice feature is ambivalence. This person needs to be well accessed by marketing to buy the product. Who gnaws nails can always be a potential consumer. It will depends on the mood of the person and their degree of momentary dissatisfaction with its damaging habit.

7- Is it a product for treatment, for prevention or corrective? There may be more of a value proposition, with up to 3 business models for this product. People who go to the pharmacy bite their nails, some of the people who go on nail accessory stores and beauty products usually bite their nails, and people who wear their clothes can also “wear” a protective nail. The fashion industry can confer elegance to the product use. So, fashion, pharmacy and personal care. It would be corrective. But perhaps a parent, when see its child getting into the habit, would buy the guard nails in a preventive way … The path may be the children, as they would be told to use by parents, and parents, witnessing the children use, would be in direct and frequent contact with the possibility of purchase for themselves.

7-Competitors: there are some bad-tasting nail polish to inhibit gnawing, but were not made for men and children and do not work well. And a gel in which the person stands between the bitten nails and false nails until the bitten achieve satisfactory state ( expensive treatment and maintenance because it requires specialized professional-threatening; there is the risk of fungal appearance).


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